Get High-Quality Respirators with Proteck Supplies to Combat Covid-19 Outbreak

June 05 00:42 2020
Get High-Quality Respirators with Proteck Supplies to Combat Covid-19 Outbreak
As COVID-19 continues to spread across the United States, respirators and masks are in high demand and help limit the spread of the virus. Proteck Supplies ensure a regular supply of respirators and disposal face masks to hospital staff and medical centers, especially to the frontline people.

COVID-19 pandemic has created a huge demand for respirators for both the general public and the medical professionals. Hospitals are running out of PPE that includes respirators, gowns, and eye protection. Without proper protection, people are more vulnerable and are more likely to catch and spread the virus. Keeping in view the demand and necessity of respirators at this moment, Proteck Supplies ensures a regular supply of respirators to hospital staff and medical center’s, especially to the frontline people.

Proteck Supplies mission is to provide high-quality PPE respirators to the fellow Americans at their earliest to control the spread of this global pandemic. As their owner mentions, “We only import high quality of protective respirators and facemasks, including the critical respirators required by our frontline medical experts working very hard to save the lives of those infected by this virus.” Keeping up with their mission, their facilities are ramping up production to produce millions of these specific types of different respirators each week.

Protect Supplies is the authorized US agent and distributor for Weini Technology Development Company Limited, which was established in 2001 and is a manufacturing company specialized in making respirators and masks. Their products are manufactured by highly experienced and skilled engineers and technicians, mostly according to the CE (FFP1, FFP2, FFP3) and KN95 standards. Their products are popular in Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Japan, and many other countries due to their quality and reliability.

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Weini is dedicated and committed to using only high-quality materials. They ensure high-quality control standards and complies with ISO9001 quality management.

Their respiratory masks are protective against particles and protect the wearer from solid and non-volatile liquids. The protective functions of these respirators are verified by the Europe-wide EN 149 standard. Their respirators have been authorized by the FDA under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). They are highly strict on their quality protocols and will never use a melt-blown that does not meet the performance standards. They only use those that have a filtration rate of at least 98% or above.

Weini has long served the world against infectious diseases. They contributed actively during the SARS outbreak and are committed to serving in today’s time as well as against Coronavirus. They have a team of people that follows the policy changes between China and the US to ensure the successful import of their products. Proteck Supplies is importing respirators weekly to meet the demand for respirators. Their respirators are authorized for use by healthcare personnel in health care settings following CDC recommendations.

In their efforts for battling COVID-19, Weini Technology Development Co. has a partnership with many local and international organizations. It became a supplier for a local government agency in Jan 2020, while joined forces with MEHECO for supplying respirators for Italy in Mar 2020. In Apr 2020, FDA EUA approved Weini Technology Development Co. respirators for use in healthcare settings.

Above all else, Proteck Supplies is also donating a portion of all their profits to the medical clinics, healthcare offices, hospitals, and the healthcare workers, specifically those that are working at the frontline to save the world against COVID-19. They are committed to winning the battle against Coronavirus and are continuously putting their efforts to fulfill their commitment to protecting the health and wellness of those that are at risk for infection.

For more information and details about the face mask available from Proteck Supplies, they can be contacted at (781) 437-7292 or at [email protected].

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