WIMI Launches Its AR Non-Sensory Payment SDK Cloud Service, Facebook released AI new shopping

June 05 00:27 2020

As a visual enterprise WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI), the holographic cloud system developed by it is the exclusive research and development breakthrough of WIMI holography. Its leading application of WIMI AI face technology has been praised by many parties in the industry.

It has recently made progress in Fashion ++, using AI to provide personalised wear propositions such as adding belts or half-folded shirts. Fashion++ relies on a deep image-generating neural network that features machine learning that can make Suggestions and predictions, observe an outfit and suggest subtle changes, such as tucking a shirt in, turning the collar or rolling up the sleeves.


Retail observers seem excited about Facebook’s prospects as it deepens its AI for shopping. Chris Hogue, head of strategy and product at LiveArea, said: “It aggregates purchases from users from different regions, style preferences and social groups to tailor ideas to each individual. The aggregated data will be a great way to predict new trends in fashion, provide a guide to hot products for stores on the platform, recruit new retailers, and align their products with trends.” Perhaps, AI abundant penetration into the reality, open communication seamless shopping, intelligent wearing helper, the day is not far away from us.

Facial recognition technology is a kind of biometric technology based on facial feature information. Camera equipment is used to collect facial images or videos, and facial image features are extracted for searching and matching with feature templates stored in the database. When the similarity exceeds the set threshold, successful matching will be output; otherwise, unsuccessful matching results will be output. Face recognition is based on digital image processing, which has always been a frontier research direction. The later stage of digital image processing technology will develop into artificial intelligence (AI).

WIMI AI-MBTWIMI holographic cloud platform, a high-performance WIMI holographic cloud management platform developed by the company, is mainly used to provide enterprises, groups, organizations or individuals with three service systems: AR3D application & holographic entertainment, AR3D application & Holographic advertising and AR3D application & Holographic technology services. Cloud platform is divided into To BTo C according To different applicable scenarios, and there are some differences in function and feature support. To B mainly provides holographic virtual content and technical support services for advertising, cinema, home decoration, catering, entertainment, entertainment and other companies. To C terminal mainly provides WIMI holographic cloud AI-MBTNSDK and its plug-ins for mobile terminal photography and APP applications To provide all kinds of personal value-added services. In the future, it can also be used in AR/ virtual reality/smart glasses and DLP(digital optical processing) To be delivered To the retina. It has SDK plug-ins and intelligent billing system.

The development of holographic 3D face recognition software is based on WIMI holographic imaging feature imaging detection and recognition technology, template matching holographic imaging detection technology, and video processing and recognition technology based on deep learning and training. Traditional 2D facial recognition is a recognition technology based on facial features. It captures information from facial images or facial video streams and automatically detects and tracks the target face. WIMI holographic 3D facial recognition technology is the combination of holographic imaging capture and 3D portrait recognition technology. WIMI focuses on the development and application of software technologies and has AI, machine recognition, machine learning, model theory and video imaging processing. Holographic 3D facial recognition is a collection of structured and infrared light that can collect more than 30,000 feature points. Moreover, 3D technology is less affected by the surrounding environment and is expected to overcome many problems found in traditional 2D facial recognition technology, such as lighting, posture, occlusion, dynamic recognition and facial expressions.

WIMI’s holographic image processing function is regularly optimized and improved, including two core technologies: holographic AI face recognition technology and holographic AI face change technology. Due to the development of video processing and recognition technology, WIMI’s holographic AR advertising and holographic imaging services based on image detection, recognition, template matching, image dynamic fusion and replacement are currently in a leading position in the industry.

Image processing algorithm is the prelude of artificial intelligence (AI), so, among them, face recognition is of great significance for the future development. In the future, WIMI Holographic hopes to carry out strategic cooperation with more hardware manufacturers through its AI algorithm and cloud computing capability, so as to build more intelligent devices and jointly create a beautiful era of intelligence for all things.

With the progress of technology, this carrier can be anything we use. When the identification accuracy and users’ usage frequency reach a certain level, the market consumption environment evolves to a certain stage. At that time, more and more payment scenarios will be attacked by non-inductive payment.

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