EZZ, The world’s first TGA-certified NMN product is launched

November 27 23:36 2019

A piece of “elixir” that only exists in the myth before, has actually passed the TGA certification, which is the most stringent standard in the world, and is about to bring good news to thousands on thousands of middle-aged and elderly people who suffer from aging. A few days ago, the Gene Research Center of Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand officially announced that the anti-aging technology of NMN gene independently developed by this gene research center has made a significant breakthrough. The world’s first flash filled NMN tablet with composite formula developed by the center has been formally certified by Australian TGA certification and named as EZZ NMN tablet. Since then, the world has the first NMN product approved by the government Drug Administration.

As we all know, NMN is the only life science factor in the current life sciences field that has been proved by rigorous science and can significantly resist human aging. When this component is absorbed into the body, it can promote the body to produce a rare enzyme called NAD +, and the studies by Harvard University and 6 Nobel Laureates have shown that NAD + will stop secreting with age. This enzyme has the ability to repair genes, and its absence directly leads to the aging of human body. Due to its large molecule size, NAD + cannot be replenished directly orally, and the aging can only be delayed by replenishing its precursor NMN.

“Because NMN product need to be absorbed by the human body, and then transformed into NAD+ in the body, although there are currently a variety of NMN products on the market, the formula is single, as a result, NMN cannot be successfully converted into sufficient NAD + after entering the body, leading to customers paying the fees, but not achieving the expected effect.” The relevant person in charge of Auckland University of Technology’s Gene Research Center told reporters that as the world’s top gene research center, the Auckland University of Technology’s Gene Research Center is co-founded by the New Zealand Gene Research Center and the Auckland University of Technology. For a long time, they have taken a hard approach to solve the bottleneck problem of NMN industrialization, and finally invented the world’s first NMN tablet with composite components. They innovatively added niacin and niacinamide on the basis of traditional NMN, which together with a high dose of NMN, are accurately proportioned by scientists and packaged in the tablet, and when taken into the human body, they can “flash filled” to increase the NMN level in the body, and can better promote the absorption of NMN in the human body, thus achieving the purpose of rapid generation of NAD + in bodies and anti-aging.

It is reported that the gene engineering black technology NMN tablet named EZZ, is about to be launched globally in more than 20 countries and regions including Australia, New Zealand and China. Let more people can get rid of the torture of aging, and rejuvenate life.

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